Do you need efficient tools for protein labeling ?

Biosciencia® will get you a reliable and quick solution to produce flurorescent complexes. Thanks to our tailor-made offer, we can match all your expectations.
Introducing our labeling solutions

An innovative process for high quality fluorochromes

After several years of research and development, our team has developed an innovative & eco-friendly method that allows us to extract allophycocyanin (APC), c-phycocyanin (C-PC) and phycoerythrin (R-PE and B-PE) from cyanobacteria. Helping us reaching one of the best purity levels of the market.
Innovative Process

Phycobiliproteins are water-soluble dyes present in phycobilisomes of cyanobacteria that capture light energy. Thanks to our innovative process, we can provide four different kinds of fluorophores that will allow you to label your protein with either green color (B-PE and R-PE) or red colour (C-PC and APC).

The world’s brightest fluorophores

Quantum yield is the emission efficiency of a given fluorophore. Thus, with a quantum yield reaching 0.98, B-Phycoerythrin is considered as the world's brightest fluorophore. The higher the ratio, the more you will optimize your detection by fluorimetry.

Quantum Yield
Technical compatibilities

Our dyes can be used with various detection techniques such as flow cytometry, and fluorescence microscopy.
Our phycobiliproteins are also compatible with both He/Ne and Kr/Ar lasers used in biodetection.

Highly strong links

We also manufacture chemical compounds required for the realisation of the fluorochrome-protein complexes. Theses ligands are very solid and compatible with wide range of pH and most common buffer solutions.

Strong Link
Antibody Labeling
Perfect solution for antibody labeling

Our solution gives you the possibility to tag any aminoprotein. However, Biosciencia® offers you an adapted tool to conjugate fluorochomes with antibodies as well.

From native molecules to labeling kits

Our product range extends from the bulk native molecules to various kits containing the necessary to label proteins. We can adapt the offer to match your requests whether for research applications, distributors selling chemicals and labeling kits or large scale labeling.

Products you can trust

Biosciencia’s research team is made of specialists in biodetection. Thanks to their deep-rooted experience, they can easily understand and answer all your difficulties and needs. Furthermore, many years of partnerships with French and European research institutes allowed Biosciencia to constantly test its products in order to perfectly fit your wishes.

Chain production

Partners of your innovation...

Research Centres

Practical and fast labeling tool adapted to your needs. Get your labeled antibodies in 4 hours.


Biosciencia sustains education. In order to facilitate the access to high quality products, we can offer a discount if large orders are placed for schools and universities.

Manufacturers and distributors

Your products could be complemented with our kits and sold along with the antibodies produced. matter where you are !


We deliver our products all over the world

Leaf Biosciencia® is engaged in the protection of the environment and as such, we only collaborate with shippers who have low carbon footprints.

Biosciencia® quality deserved
All Biosciencia® products are manufactured using the same highly requested rules. By controlling the source of our raw materials and mastering the entire production line, we can guarantee the quality, reliability and traceability of our products. Quality and integrity of each lots are tested during all the steps of fabrication and only those responding to our high level criteria are proposed to you. Products are also tested after production and storages conditions are strictly monitored to avoid abnormal degradation. Each product is registered with an unique batch number and it will be supplied with its own Certificate of Analysis.